California Sun and Some Fine Beer

Last week I had the pleasure of taking a trip with my wife to visit her family in San Diego. After the disaster of a week we had before we left with the brutal storms in VA and no power, it was a great time to get away. While I was out on the west coast I had a couple cool micro brew experiences that I’d love to share.

A beautiful day at the Farmers Market in San Diego

The first cool microbrew thing I found was completely unexpected. We made the trek down to Little Italy Saturday morning to find a kick ass farmers market. On top of all the amazing food and fresh produce, I found and interesting little stand, Bottle Hood. This unique company takes used beer and liquor bottles and turns them into glasses and other random dishware. It’s an absolutely brilliant idea and I was pretty jealous that I didn’t think of something so simple. I’d definitely recommend visiting their website to check out what they do. Any of their items would make a great present for a microbrew loving friend or family member.

What beer geek wouldn't want these?

 Next stop — Pizza Port.

Pizza and micro brew, what more could you ask for?

This place was epic. It did exactly what I expected, made a killer pizza and had some fine microbrews to boot. Anyone familiar with our friends at FreeTail Brewing Co. in San Antonio can get a good idea of the vibe at Pizza Port. The restaurant had a perfect setup for eating pizza and drinking brew. They had counter service to order your food and then the rest of the restaurant was a bar area and long community benches with tables. It reminded me of a German beer hall California style. The kettles were exposed for everyone to see where they made their tasty brews.

Where the magic happens...

The atmosphere was great and there was only one thing to do while I waited for our pizza, grab a drink. The one brew that stood out was their Double IPA called Poorvato. This bad boy clocked in at 10.5% and didn’t disappoint. I don’t know what it is about IPA’s from Cali but they are freaking delicious. It honestly reminded me of Bell’s Hopslam but with a smoother finish and more grapefruit taste. That’s saying a lot since Hopslam is consistently rated on of the best Double IPA’s in the world. If it didn’t have so much alcohol in it, I could’ve drank it all night long.

MMMmmmmmm..... Poorvato

After sampling brews and pizza at Pizza Port there was only one thing left to do, check out their epic bottle shop next door. I want to give a shout out to the guy working the store when I was there. I’m pretty sure his name was Davie, but he was the coolest guy I’ve met at a beer store. They were actually closing the doors at 8pm and he let me in at the last second. I told him I was from the D.C. and it meant a lot to me that I had a chance to check things out. The place was perfect with outdoor tables and benches for sampling and coolers upon coolers of fine and rare microbrews. Davie hooked me up in a major way and he made a customer for life. I’d highly recommend stopping by the Pizza Port bottle shop in Carlsbad if you get a chance.

So this is a Big Orca first, but El Gordo has no idea what I bought at the bottle shop until he reads this post. Instead of showing up with my Cali mother load next weekend at the front door, I’d thought I’d unveil my findings Big Orca style in this post. So El Gordo, here they are……..

You've just been El Rojo'd

That’s right buddy, we’ll finally be able to drink Pliny side by side and revel in all it’s glory. I can’t wait to sit back on a nice warm summer day and enjoy this fantastic brew with you. I also picked up a blended ale from Lost Abbey and a Triple IPA from Knee Deep Brewing. All came highly recommended from the guys at the bottle shop.

We’ll that about does it for my microbrew experiences in Cali. I had a fantastic time visiting my family on the West Coast and got some amazing beers to boot!

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